About us

About Us – Our Mission

The mission of Athanasios Ktorides Foundation is to advance Greek civilization and the national struggles that shape Greek history, to support education and sports, to protect the environment and health, to recognize contributions to society and to support families.

The Athanasios Ktorides Foundation:

1. Sponsors, organizes and lends moral and material support to activities aimed at strengthening the institution of the family, supporting families with special needs and children without a family.

2. Collects and publishes academic research, studies, books, brochures, films and other kinds of material that may be used to inform interested parents, social workers, and private and public sector entities about the institution of the family.

3. Rewards any initiative, effort, programme or campaign that serves the same aims as those of the Foundation.

The objective of the Athanasios Ktorides Foundation is the protection of children, the improvement of their living conditions and the creation of a peaceful environment that promotes the unhindered development and well-being of children.

The objective of the Foundation is to shed light on all aspects of children’s lives and to draw attention to weaknesses and omissions.