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The “Venerable Friends” cause inaugurated


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The Foundation focuses its attention on a particularly vulnerable and usually neglected group in our society. The cause of “My Venerable Friends” is the first of many steps that need to be taken for the welfare of our elders.

They are those who gave us life, nourished our dreams, supported our independence and all of us owe to them a debt of gratitude and should offer them much more than what we give them today.

The term “retired from life” does not exist! If the body ages it is because the mind and society have convinced them that their life is over and that they have nothing more to give.

The people who gave us life never get a pension from life.

Our civilization as a society is tested by our will and our ability to offer them respect, to nourish the life of friends who have stopped working but continue to breathe, to dream and make their own contribution.

Dignity remains forever young.

This is why the Foundation has decided that 50% of revenue from participations in the Quantum Nicosia Marathon be given to the objective of “My Venerable Friends”.

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