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The establishment of the Athanasios Ktorides Foundation gives substance to a basic vision: the creation of an original cultural space which will “communicate” with its visitors through the activities and programmes it presents. It will give them the opportunity to experience the history and culture of Cyprus and Greece in a unique way. It will prove in practice that a cultural space can be a “living cell” of cultural creation and expression. It will attract people of different ages and with a variety of interests, by hosting artistic activities such as music, visual arts and festivals, which will reinforce its multi-dimensional character.

The Athanasios Ktorides Foundation is involved in cultural and educational activities, through the development of research programmes that identify and highlight the role of Greek and Cypriot civilization in education, through the promotion of literature and the love of books, and through the recording, preservation, projection, propagation and promotion of the treasures of Greek and Cypriot Folk Art.

The foundation does its utmost to spread Cypriot and Greek cultural heritage, to raise awareness and enlighten all concerned (competent authorities, cultural organizations, groups of citizens, etc) and to facilitate the transfer of experiences and knowledge in the field of civilization.

It collects heirlooms and relics concerning the history, art and every other activity of the nation.


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