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22 February 2018
Nicosia ‘Special Honorary Award’ for Athanasios Ktorides Foundation

October 2018
Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2018
20 November 2017
World Children's Day

30 October 2017
Children Book Publication

19 September 2017
The Value of Water..

17 March 2017
Remembering Michalakis Karaolis:
a historical document by Albert Camus

07 March 2017
Sixty children were hosted from the Kindergartens of Kornos and other nearby communities

04 March 2017
Tree-planting 2017 was supported by Athanasios Ktorides Foundation

01 November 2016
Children from the Larnaca Communities hosted by the Ambassador of UNICEF had a beautiful day.

23 December 2015
Christmas Gifts by UNICEF and Ktorides Foundation

23 October 2014
The children of Castello Kindergarten spent a beautiful day in Delikipos.

13 February 2014
An afternoon of charity, under the auspices of the Athanasios Ktoridis Foundation, has been organised by UNICEF on February 13, 2014 at the Hilton Park in Nicosia.

28 October 2013
In a solemn ceremony, the unveiling of the bust of Michalis Stivaros was carried out, the 20 year old Cypriot student, volunteer fighter who lost his life fighting for the liberation.

16 October 2013
On Wednesday, 16th of October, on the occasion of the World Food Day, Unicef, in a modest, yet cordial ceremony, offered a love feast for the students of the Faneromeni Elementary School.

18 June 2013
UNICEF and the Athanasios Ktorides Foundation, whose President Mr. Athanasios Ktorides is a UNICEF Ambassador, sent a sweet act of love by organizing an educational trip.

11 April 2013
An afternoon of Giving, with the Athanisios Ktorides Foundation as the Grand sponsor has been organized by UNICEF on the 11th of April 2013, at Hilton Park in Nicosia.

21 February 2013
An afternoon of charity, under the auspices of the Athanasios Ktoridis Foundation, has been organised by UNICEF on February 21, 2013 at the Hilton Park in Nicosia, with guest of honour Dean Ms. Helene Glykatzi Ahrweiler.

09 December 2012
The 3rd Quantum Nicosia Marathon has been concluded! Success? Joy ... for Everyone? More than seven thousand runners and as many people accompanying them revealed that the event is the biggest social and sporting festival..

06 December 2012
Today at noon, Thursday, 6th of December, 2012, the Flame of the Marathon arrived for the first time to Cyprus, from the country that gave birth to it.

05 December 2012
"Athanasios Ktoridis" Foundation presented, as part of the 3rd Quantum Nicosia Marathon, during a very successful evening event which was held at Famagusta Gate, the book by Costas Patinios "Dromou Dromena»

20 November 2012
Nasos Ktorides takes
the Marathon Flame to Antarctica

The South Pole —the seventh continent— is the newest destination in the Marathon Flame's worldwide journey.

07 July 2012
The Athanasios Ktorides Foundation recognizes the contribution of Parachuting and all other sports to the strengthening of the spirit and body of every human in his and her quest to effectively face the challenges of daily life.

June 2012
A Day at the Estate. UNICEF boosts spirits of children from the Paediatric-Oncology Unit.

26 April 2012
Hilton Park Nicosia was graced with humanity, beauty and love on Thursday, April 26 during "An Afternoon of Giving" organized by UNICEF Cyprus.

April 2012
To know ourselves in adversity, to experience the extraordinary beauty of our planet, to be touched by the greatness of the human will. These are experiences that are not meant for show but..

08 February 2012
First Cyprus Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF
. On February 8, 2012 UNICEF declared Cypriot Mr. Nasos Ktorides as Goodwill Ambassador. He is the first Cypriot to benefit from this momentous recognition.

February 2012
Speech delivered at the Graduation Ceremony of the University of Cyprus post-graduate students

21 December 2011
10 MW "HEROES PHOTOVOLTAIC PARK" From the University of Cyprus and the Athanasios Ktorides Foundation

15 September 2011
On September 15, 2011 a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the University of Cyprus and the Athanasios Ktorides Foundation within the framework of the their joint initiative, "Action for Energy".

23 June 2011
The Foundation focuses its attention on a particularly vulnerable and usually neglected group in our society. The cause of “My Venerable Friends” is the first of many steps that need to be taken for the welfare of our elders.

15 June 2011
The history of Michalis Stivaros portrays the true love of Cypriots for freedom and this is the ideal we want to instil in the coming generations. That was the spark that motivated the Athanasios Ktorides Foundation to erect this monument as a constant reminder to us all.

August 2011
The Marathon of Cyprus comes first!
Cyprus entered a Marathon of Life. A road difficult and painful. Similar to none any of us have experienced before. The Marathon of Cyprus comes before any other concern for contribution.

18 April 2011
Nassos Ktorides honours Stelios Kyriakides at the Boston Marathon. A marathon epitomizes our power to outreach our limits and our strength to endure any difficulty that comes our way. It is this very idea which the Athanassios Ktorides Foundation represents through the organization of the annual Quantum Nicosia Marathon.

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